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Children’s Parliament now a charity in honour of murdered MP

Express, 27th March 2024

Are You A Primary School Student With The Vision To Lead? British Ghanaian First UK Interim Children’s Parliament Prime Minister Is Looking For His Successor

Black History Month, 11th October 2023

“Children can discuss adult issues, and send their views directly to the heart of the British parliament.” Katie Amess

Daily Express, 16th May 2022

“Good luck, to the Paxman’s of Primary Schools!” Steerpike

The Spectator, 12th October 2022

“Like my father, I’d like to see democracy and parliamentary process taught in schools” Katie Amess

The Mirror, 1st February 2022

“A unique opportunity, allowing children to log in and unite the nation” Sir David Amess

Metro, 15th October 2021

“I felt I was listened to, and my ideas were valid.” Joy Smith, student.

Daily Record, 2nd July 2022

“Inspiring children to take control of their future and fight for the common good” Anna Firth, MP

The House, 16th June 2022

“Informed, eloquent and passionate about the safety of their planet” Peter Spencer-Lane, Headteacher

Primary Times, April 2022

“Let’s look after our Planet!” Lesleigh, student.

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