First-Ever World Children’s Parliament Set to Convene on the Eve of COP28, 5PM (UK) Wed 29th Nov 2023

First-Ever World Children’s Parliament Set to Convene on the Eve of COP28, 5PM (UK) Wed 29th Nov 2023

By: News Team | Published: 11 October 2023

On the eve of COP28, the inaugural World Children’s Parliament, organised by Wakelet and Microsoft 365, is scheduled to take place at 5 PM (UK time) on Wednesday, 29th November 2023. 

Over 300 Child MPs from across the UK and also around the world – sourced by charity Mary’s Meals – will join the debate with the topic: “How Do We Best Protect The Planet, Darwin-20 Style”?

Headteacher Champion Peter Spencer-Lane, will host the event from the inaugural school, Saint Pierre in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex and be joined by Children’s Parliament Sustainability Ambassador Mary Fellowes from COP28 in Dubai who will be in conversation with the Interim Children’s Parliament Prime Minister Harry Acheampong, 11 years.

Mary Fellowes and Childrens Parliament Prime Minister Harry Acheampong

The Children’s Parliament will video link to the Darwin 200 tall ship via satellite which is travelling the world retracing Charles Darwin’s footsteps.

The Children’s Parliament, aimed at primary school students, was founded by the late Sir David Amess, a staunch advocate for children’s voices in all topics that matter including environmental concerns.

The 90-minute live discussion will be livestreamed on The Express’s social platforms, offering a global audience an opportunity to witness the engagement of young minds and their perspective on the best ways to protect the planet, Darwin 200-style.

The World Children’s Parliament will mirror the Darwin 200 mission with a focus on:

Running concurrently, a global Darwin Doodle competition is being led by Joe Whale, also known as The Doodle Boy, in collaboration with the Darwin Centre in Wales. The competition encourages creativity and awareness of Darwin’s contributions to science and conservation. Go to:

The initiative aligns with the Darwin 200 mission as the Child MPs part of the World Children’s Parliament will link to the tall ship Darwin 200 via satellite during its global conservation voyage, symbolising a united front for protection of the planet and efforts to change the world.

Children from various nations, including the UK, India, USA, Kenya, Ghana, Australia, and New Zealand, will come together to deliberate and contribute their insights on critical issues for the betterment of our planet.

Anna Firth MP, Parliamentary Champion for the Children’s Parliament and Baroness Uddin will jointly open the event, further amplifying the significance of the initiative.

Katie Amess, the eldest daughter of the late Sir David Amess, serves as the Patron of the Children’s Parliament, emphasising the legacy and commitment to children actively debating issues that matter.

For more information on the World Children’s Parliament and related activities, please visit the collection link at and the registration link at World Parliament –

Posted: 11th October 2023