May 2022

Child taking part in Children's Parliament


26th May 2022: How to make the world a Safer Place

Held in honour of Sir David Amess

The children, all aged under 12, debated a variety of aspects of “How to make the world a Safer Place”. The child MP’s questions, and responses were both passionate and extremely well informed, leading to a lively discussion.

UK Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson

Speaking to us ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26)

“What we will be discussing matters for everyone on this planet, but for our children and our grandchildren it matters even more. And this is a chance for children across the UK to tell us what they think at the end of the session.”

“Young people like all of you are our future. If we don’t listen to you and encourage you, we don’t have a future and Sir David knew that and that’s why it’s so important that members of parliament listen to you.”

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, MP for Southend West

Posted: 6th October 2022